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Earn extra money easily

A great way to make money online part-time, no experience required, anyone can join. You can earn at least 4.000 ZAR per day by working part-time for half an hour. Contact us to get free cash rewards.

Just 4 easy steps

Start making money online part-time

Self introduction

Contact via Whatsatpp and introduce yourself. Note, we require 23 years of age or older and will not pay to anyone under 23 years of age

Learn how to make money

Get free ways to make money online.

Complete part-time job

Use your phone to work online for half an hour.

Receive salary

Have a bank card and get paid for work done. You can withdraw money to your debit card instantly.

2000 +
Recruitment number
1226 +
Number of applicants
83272 +
Completed work
1221 +
Good reviews

About Us

We connect job seekers with employers

We are an online part-time recruitment agency. We help clients find potential part-time workers to complete simple online jobs. No experience required, no time and place restrictions, as long as you have a mobile phone you can participate.


Why should you work with us?

Flexible working system

You can work anytime and anywhere.

Free teaching

Learn to make money online part-time for free.

Source of income

You can always come back to us when you need extra income.

High salary

We will give you a generous salary every day.

Simple online work

What people say about us

"I was hired four years ago and I was so happy that I applied for the job. I had a full-time job and a part-time job. But the part-time job made as much money as my full-time job."
Yu Guo
Joined in 2019
"At the end of each day's work, I was able to earn at least 6.300 ZAR online. I am very satisfied and surprised at how easy this job is. I love this job."
Join in 2022
“After working here for about three months, I quit my full-time job and now have a lot of free time and make twice as much money as I did at my previous job.”
Join in 2023

Work part-time anytime, anywhere


No experience required.
1 - Have a bank card.
2 - Half-hour part-time work.
3 - Work from your mobile phone.
4 - Regardless of gender.
5 - A very small amount of start-up capital is required.
6 - Have a bank card.
7 - It is required to be over 23 years old and will not be paid to people under 23 years old.

About Us

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Contact us via Whatsapp for incentives and online part-time job opportunities.